Impounded Vehicles


Geraldton Towing is an authorised police holding yard for the storage of impounded vehicles. Please see below for Frequently Asked Questions. All forms relating to impounded vehicles can be downloaded from the WA Police website – scroll down the page until you see “Vehicle Impound Forms” – a drop down menu lists all the forms. These should be completed online and sent to the Vehicle Impound Unit for processing.  You will then need to make an appointment with us to collect your vehicle by ringing 9965 3900 and you will also need to bring with you 100 points of ID – see the WA Police website for more details.

My vehicle has been impounded – what happens next?
Within 14 days of the date of impound an invoice will be sent from us to the REGISTERED OWNER of the vehicle, stating the release date and total cost of the impound.

I have personal belongings in my vehicle that I need to retrieve.
The OWNER of the vehicle will need to obtain an “Application for the Release of Property Found Within Vehicles Impounded Under Section 79, 79A, 80B & 80C”.  Once this has been authorised by the Vehicle Impound Unit we will contact you on the telephone number supplied on the application form to arrange a mutually convenient time to release the property.  Please note, only the items listed on this form can be released.

I am unable to afford the total cost of the invoice – what can I do? 
The owner may apply for a Time Payment Plan – this is done via the Vehicle Impound Unit NOT through Geraldton Towing Services. This must be done before the release date to allow time for approval from the Vehicle Impound Unit. Please be advised you will still need to pay 60% of the total cost of the impound upon release of your vehicle.

What do I need to do on the release date?
On the scheduled day of release the owner will need to obtain a release form (“Application for Release of a Motor Vehicle Impound Under Section 79 & 79A, 80, 80B & 80C”) and email it to the Vehicle Impound Unit (if done online).   Please phone the holding yard on 9965 3900 during office hours to make an appointment to collect your vehicle – please note, the latest time for collecting your vehicle is 4pm.  When you come to collect your vehicle you will need to bring with you 100 points of ID and a valid driver’s licence.  If you do not hold a valid licence you will need to bring someone with you to drive the vehicle.  Upon payment and completion of paperwork, your vehicle will be returned to you.

The scheduled release date is on the weekend or a Public Holiday – am I still able to collect my vehicle?
Vehicles are only available for collection between 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday. If the release date is Saturday, Sunday or a Public Holiday you will not be able to collect it until the next working day. You will not be charged extra as long as the vehicle is collected on the next working day.

I am unable to collect my vehicle on the due date – will I be charged extra?
A daily storage charge will be added to your final invoice until the vehicle is collected.  Please be advised you only have 21 days after the scheduled release date to collect your vehicle.

I am unable to collect my vehicle in person.
If the owner is unable to collect the vehicle another eligible person can be nominated on the release form – this must be submitted to the Vehicle Impound Unit for approval with the original application for release form.  The authorised driver will need to provide 100 points of identification.

How can I pay?
We accept payment in cash or Eftpos. You can also pay by Mastercard or Visa, but a surcharge will be added.

Please be aware of the following:
Your vehicle needs to be registered before it leaves the holding yard. Online checks will be made at the time of collection. If the rego has expired you will need to renew it before collection or arrange for us to tow the vehicle (at your expense).

All drivers must hold a valid driver’s licence before we can release the vehicle. We will check the validity of the licence of the person collecting the impounded vehicle and the person driving the second car (if applicable).


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