Tow Truck Northampton

Tow Truck Northampton

Don’t get stuck on the side of the road for longer than you need to. We can send you a tow truck in Northampton and we make it our business to come to your location as quickly as possible. We will safely tow your vehicle to a workshop or your home, or the destination of your choice anywhere around Geraldton or Perth.


We have a fleet of trucks that can move your vehicle regardless of whether it is running or not. Our tow truck service in Northampton can move cars, trucks and even buses when they can no longer move. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so we are on call whenever you need us.


We will respond quickly because we know that you have better things to do than wait on the side of the road.

We Know the Roads So We Get There Faster

Geraldton Towing is a locally owned and operated business delivering car towing in Northampton and surrounding areas. We care about our customers. We believe we owe you the best, quickest and most professional service on the road today. We have a reputation to maintain and that’s important to us.


Because we are local, we know the best roads to take which means that we can get to you in the nick of time. Whether you’ve been in an accident or broken-down, our tow truck service in Northampton will be there for you.

Moving Trucks, Cars and Equipment

Our tow truck drivers are fully licensed and have the experience and know-how to tow all kinds of vehicles. Our tow truck drivers must be reassessed annually ensuring your safety and the safety of your vehicle. We are also fully insured.


Our modern fleet of tow trucks includes heavy vehicle tilt trays so our tow truck service in Northampton is capable of moving a range of vehicles and equipment. This includes construction equipment like excavators and dozers.


If you’re looking for a safe tow company that is dependable, look no further than our tow truck service in Northampton. We offer fast and expert service just when you need it.

Proudly Servicing the Northampton Area